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Doctors on Call: Active Mums on RTE

Here’s the link to the clip. Watch Active Mums on RTE 1. Sling and Dance class and interviews.

This aired on 27/11/13 on RTE 1 in ‘Doctors on Call.  For the full clip, click here.

Sling and Dance on Doctors on Call

Sling and Dance on Doctors on Call


RTE Doctors on Call: Active Mums on TV

rte doctors on call

Looking good, mums and babies!  here’s the link:

Our piece starts at 5:55.

RTE 1 has an exciting new health show which came to our screens on Wednesday, the 13th of November. The weekly six part magazine show will feature a specialised team of doctors, medical professionals and reporters will bring you the ultimate guide to health and wellness. Doctors on Call

The RTE crew came in to the Active Mum Sling and Dance class a few weeks ago to film some of the class and to interview some of the mums.

Come and take a look to see if you can see yourself, your baby or any of your friends.


RTE doctors on call

RTE doctors on call