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Last Classes for Sling & Dance of 2013

Sling and Dance exercise for mums

The sling and dance classes finish up this week for the Christmas break.  the last classes are:

Thursday 28th Nov at 11am in Castleknock
Saturday 30th Nov at 10am in Lucan

Do come and join us for the last one of the year and celebrate with a mince pie (Castleknock) or slap-up breakfast (Lucan)!

Details of the sling and dance classes.

The baby massage course continues until 16th December.


Sling and Dance Post natal Exercise Routine for Mums – Burn

Sling and Dance Post natal Exercise Routine




RTE shoot of Sling and Dance Fitness Class: a great success

Sling and Dance exercise for mums

Thanks to everyone who came to the sling and dance fitness  class today to make it such a success for the RTE crew. We had a large, buzzing class full of mums with great slings and happy babies.  Both the cameraman and the director were full of praise for the class and the calming effect it had on the babies.  Hopefully that will come across in the programme itself.

It’s airing during the third week of November – I’ll post the exact time and day when I have the information.