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Baby Feet Massage

Massage of feet

Massage of feet

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Sling and Dance at the Castleknock Community Centre


Maternity & Infant Awards Finals 2013 – Please Vote For Us!

My sling and dance classes have made it to the finals of the Maternity & Infant Awards 2013. I am delighted to get this far, but if you would like to vote for me . follow this path:

1. Click on:

2. Click on ‘Product awards’

3. Fill in your contact details and click ‘register’

4. Scroll down to ‘best mum and baby activity’ and click

5. Scroll down to ‘Sling and Dance Fitness’ and click ‘vote’

6. Scroll down to ‘Innovative Product of the Year’ (in the box on the right)

7. Scroll down to ‘Sling and Dance Fitness’ and click ‘vote’

Thank you!

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