*Story Massage Course* for cuddlers and crawlers starting Friday 20th March 11.45-1pm (including tea and coffee) in Castleknock community centre Laurel Lodge.
Stories – Rhyme – Music -Sensory
Story massage is a fun, interactive class that uses positive touch (through clothes)to communicate to our babies through movement, story, rhyme, sensory and song.
This  five week course €70 is an amazing follow on course from Baby Massage or as an introduction to massage for parents and caregivers which
 will provide you with a safe place to communicate, play and interact with your baby.
The benefits of Story Massage:
*Opportunity for children to access calming time
*Fun and interactive way of story telling
*Increases social skills, imagination and creativity
*Relaxation of mind and body
*Increased self-awareness, self-confidence and self-esteem
*Inclusive to all
contact Lorna Active Mum 0877402236